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Kept It Too Real

You had me fooled dawg i thought you was my friend. I neva thought i say it but f*** a friend cuz ya dawgs be the ones that cross you in the end. What i know now wish id knew back then but goin thru wit a lame is what make a woman,i treated yo lame a** betta than i did my own kin,when lames broke thats when they claim to love you so much. You talk that mess but you dont undastand what real is. I got my own hustle and my own money but you thought you could use me,nah busta it dont go down like that. What was mine was yours but what was yours wasnt mine. I was too busy showin love i didnt see the signs,when you needed me lame i came thru every time. I broke you off when nobody would give you a dime,i didnt expect nothin bac i jus wantd to see you shine. You neva gave me ish. Ya cant trust ya own homies who can ya trust i got mine so i guess for me thats enough. I SALUTE YOU LAMES CUZ IF I DIDNT GO THRU IT I WOULD STILL BE WALKIN AROUND BLIND AND STILL SHOWIN LOVE. I KEPT TOO REAL.


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