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The Ugly Truth

I can still remember the day you walked away. I can still remember just how beautiful it was outside and i can still remember the distant look in your eyes. You were looking at me..but you didnt really see me. I was standing there with my heart bleeding and your only concern was leaving. You gave me a hug..and i knew i was holding you for the last time..but still my heart didnt want to believe. I remember watching pick up your bag, pick up your gear..going to war. You turned to smile at me, and i smiled..and as i did tears started to fall..they didnt stop for days. I stood there..alone..watching your truck disappear over the hill. Feeling my heart shatter. I havent seen you since. And if anyone asks..i just say we both moved on. When people all stare..i pretend i dont hear them talk. Im tired of acting like nothings wrong still. Its so hard seeing your mom anymore..i just smile and tell her im doin fine. I dont ask about you anymore. But i fear they all know the ugly truth..im still in love with you. I think the hardest part for me was slowly realizing just how wrong you were for me, but what really broke my heart was knowing that i loved you and knowing i had to live without you. Your memory is breaking my heart. What hurts the most..waking up every day and your still the first thing i think about. I tell myself im ready to let you go..its been 2years. Im still in hell. I just cry..wondering how i can fix the hole in my chest. Cry..cry


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