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It’s been almost four years since I cried my last tears over this guy but when I saw this website the emotions came flooding back to me like a bad dream. So, I thought I would share my story.

I have had several bad experiences with men, but no heartbreak I’ve had or ever will have could ever compare with what he put me through…

We dated on and off for almost five years, and each time he said we were over somehow became more and more devastating; however, nothing he had ever put me through could have prepared me for the final ending to our story.
He was always the “good” guy. The one who always told me how he wanted to wait until marriage..how he was such a “good” Christian. And I believed him…He proved me wrong.
Our lives always seemed to be heading in different directions. When he was ready for me..I had someone else. When I was ready for him..he had someone else. After a year of waiting for him to be free, our lives finally came together for us to be together again. We had never been as close as we were that time. We talked about marriage..of kids..of our FUTURE. One night, he told me he loved me. That he always had and that he always would. Remarkably, that was the first time in 5 years he had ever told me out loud…and unfortunately it would also be the ONLY time I would ever hear it. The night he told me this, our vows of waiting until marriage broke. The next day he left for vacation for a week. After him being gone three days and not yet hearing from him, I finally decided to call. He told me we were done. The day before Easter! I had no idea what went wrong or what I had done? And of course, me being me, I had gone to his house before this disaster phone call and left an easter basket in his room with eggs in it and in each was one reason why I loved him. There were 50. I was humiliated and told him I had left it there. He said it was fine.

When he got home, he brought the easter basket back while I was sleeping and put it in my car. When I went out the next day to go to work, I found it. Each egg had been opened and each “why I love you reason” was torn up.

Two days later, I found out he had met someone while in Florida…two weeks later he moved to Florida and married her…

That same week, I found out through his two ex-girlfriends that he had also given them the same speech on waiting until marriage, but had eventually slept with them as well.

When I called him and asked him about it he told me he had never loved me and for me to “get over it” and that I would never find someone as good as him.

I never tried to talk to him after that day; however, a few months later I found out he had been telling EVERYONE that I was calling him everyday begging him to come back to me.
The man I would have given everything to turned out to be scum…He broke my heart and embarrassed me.

On the happy couples one year anniversary, he found out she had been cheating on him and while going through his nasty divorce he called me multiple times trying to get me back…But unlike him, I found the right person for me and am happily married and extremely grateful I went through that heartache BEFORE I married him.

Who’s begging now?


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