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One day I went over to my boyfriends house and his ex girlfriend was over there too. Just before I arrived she saw the hickey on his neck that i left and she said ewe. you let her nasty aid infected lips on your neck. He got really mad and made her leave. I came in and she was walking out the door and he told me what she said about me. And i started to cry and so we talked about it and he said he don't listen to the fat skank and she doesn't know shit. The next day i came over and i was really emotional because i was on my period and so someone told me something sad and i started crying. He really doesn't like me to cry because it reminded him of how his mother used to be beat by his dad. So the next day his ex came over again and they kissed. I don't know why for sure. But my best friend said he kissed her so that i would break up with him because he couldn't handle all the crying. I really hate this story because he still doesn't know that i was on my period and for some freakish reason i get really emotional when im on it. but any way like a weekend later and i confronted him and he did kiss her. and i would have forgiven him for kissing her but he didn't want to go out with me anymore. I really didn't mean to but i made him cry. because he admits he still loves me but he didn't like it when i cry.What i said to make him cry was you know if you thought i was too emotional all you had to do was tell me. Later that week i called him and I asked him if i didn't cry anymore would you love me again. He said i dont know what to say. And thats where we are right now.


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