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so about two years ago my store shut down but i was asked to transfer to another one a short distance away. at this time i was with my ex, but we werent serious and just met.. found out on my birthday that he was cheating and got the other girl pregnant. he was the first guy i ever fell for. so months pass and i am a very forgiving person but im not dumb we stayed friends but at my new job location there was this other guy growing on me.. so we bacame friends after a while he ended up dating someone else then when they broke up i decided y dont i go after him. not to get to detailed i was till a virgin. soon we started foolin around but not sex. so he ended up goin to college 4 hours away. he surprised me for my bday and had to go back down.then h then he started acting like a jerk.ignoring my calls and text. w/o telling anyone he came home for a weekend and was acting like he was 4 hours away the whole time. but made amistake by stopping into our work place. mutual friend of ours seen him got tired of him not treating me like i was needed to be treated. and told him to date me or leave me alone. he left me alone. the next month me and his best friend took a road trip to see him. needless to say we got wasted and i broke down to him and he told me once he seen me all those feelings came flooding back. so he came home a week later for winter break.i was esctatic. then he told me it wasnt a good idea for me and him to be the way we once were. i changed his mind within a week. we had alot of ups and downs and continued on i ended up goin to see him on valentines day and breaking down 1/2 there. so it got ruined came home my cuz and my old crush took me out and i ended up sleeping wit my old crush. oops. but college boy didnt call or text me on valentines day. and about a month later i went down to see him again and told him the truth. and we started dating over spring break but now hes been lying to me alot and not about big things just little things.


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