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Isn't really my ex (yet)

ok well he isnt relle my ex (yet) and hopefully not for a long time, but it is a long distance relationship i live in ny and he lives in pa .. i met him through his brother who i used to be friends with. ok this is how it started ... sometime during the summer josh johns bro.. imed me tellin me that he liked me because i used to live in pa and he was in one of my classes .. so i was like ok and we started talkin.. then about a month later i wanted to know something on how to get abs lol .. and his brother john asked to talk to me and thats wen we started talkin .. but then it went for months without talkin to him .. but about a month ago i was on the comp and josh told me that his bro was there i and i got all exicted i was like im callin u right now!! .. and thats wen i started offiacaily talkin to him .. and a couple of dayz lata hes asked me out and i said yes of course .. and now he tells me how much he loves me and that were gonna be together for ever and hes never ggoin to dump me and im the best thing that has ever happened to him.. and i feel the same i just want it to last b/c as we all know ldr never last .. but hopefully this will ..


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