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she loves me, she loves me not

When I was studying, I searched for a free-time activity. I decided to go to the fire-fighters. When I started, a beautiful girl joined the group the same time. She had made a baby-break and now was going active again. There was no word to say - her eyes told me everything. She was married but her husband wasn't there anymore. So we started flirting. We got closer and closer. She's so beautiful, her eyes her body her behaviour everything. But before we really started, it was over. I sayed, that I understand her position, that we can stay friends - and she behaved as I sayed. But I still felt a lot for her and still do. I moved from this area to find a new job, but can't forget her. We phoned several times. I decided to go back, looking for work overthere. I found some and I was allowed to stay in her house - as a guest and a 'friend' (not boy-friend!). I tried again to get closer to her. I got ne feedback in that case. She kicked me out (not because of my behaviour, but because of my feelings).
Now it's been 3 years ago, and I'm still thinking about both of them, she and her little son.


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