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im sooo lostt!

okayy im 17 years old. yess im still young, but anyways.. i started dating this kid. we started dating a few months into my freshmen year of high school. we dated for a good 3 years. everything was great, but we would have our fights and lil break ups but nothing big. but this last past year he started smoking weed. and he knoees im not for any of that. so i forgave him and gave him another chance. and he did it again. so i ended it. and it killed me. soo i was hurt and he ended up stop doing drugs and everything was good. until he got a new girlfriend. he brings her around and flirts alot. and im heart broken. i can't get over him at all. i want him back. and i knoee he still has feelings for me cause im friends with his friends. its just this girl is in our way. and im totally devistated. its been like 3 months weve been broken up. and i miss the kisses and hugs and cuddling with him. and it kills me to knoee that girl has him when he suppose to be with mee. im just a mess i cry myself to sleep all the timee.


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