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I guess he wasn't that perfect after all

Me and my ex boyfriend broke up a little after our one year anniversary. A couple of weeks after we broke up I met the most amazing person in the world through one of my friends. I had no feelings for my ex except for friendship at the least. 2 weeks after I met "Mr. Perfect" I had to go away to school and leave the guy of my dreams.The bad thing was that my ex was going to the same school that I was.I had a feeling there was going to be problems but I assured myself that things were going to be okay.Me and "Mr.Perfect" kept in touch and I often came home on the weekends to spend time with him. I saw my ex around school and he showed me around but nothing else happened with him. One weekend came up where I didnt go home to see "Mr.Perfect", I stayed home and went out with a big group of people. I had a lot to drink, which wasnt like me at all. I ran into my ex and some how he found out about the guy that I was seeing. The next thing I know, he was reading all my messages in my phone and went out of control. He got "Mr.Perfect's" number out of my phone and called him and cursed him out saying all this terrible stuff about me. The next day I tried to confront "Mr. Perfect" and he wouldnt even talk to me. I texted messaged him once and there was no response.I went all day just waiting and no call or anything.I have never been so hurt in my life. Not only did I lose the man of my dreams, but I never got the chance to clear things up with him and tell him what my jealous ex-boyfriend did. The sad thing is he never talked to me after that and didnt even have the common courtesy to tell me that he didnt want things to go on any longer. So there I was left alone and crushed with no one there to cry to. I guess he wasnt that perfect after all.


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