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A friend

I had loved him since the day I met him. He was tall. With lively grey-green eyes and the face of an abercrombie model. I mean, beautiful! So I started talking to him in our one class together. Theatre class. Soon we did a date-scene together which probably caused me to blush intensely.
We became best friends. We hung out in a group of Theatre-nerds together. Soon I began to realize his feelings for me. He'd tuck a strand of hair behind my ear, or stroke my face. I pretended to be annoyed at this, but I LOVED it.
Soon the intensity of my excitement for theatre class was probably at an unhealthy level. It was the best thing in my life. I knew he'd ask me to be his soon.
A few weeks went by without him asking me. "Strange" I thought to myself...he really acted like he felt for me. Then I heard that he'd just gotten a girlfriend from his summer-camp. My friends all shrugged their shoulders.
"That's just how he is. He flirts with everyone." they announced, to my dismay.
It got to the point that I couldn't fall asleep. And I also couldn't eat around him. Around anyone but my family.
At school he noticed that I wasn't eating lunch, and worriedly asked me about it. I laughed it off saying I wasn't hungry, secretly loving the attention. I also developed the nervous habit of covering my mouth up when I smiled. He would always tell me not to cover my mouth because I had a beautiful smile. I felt as if his words were a tease. I wanted him to mean it! To love me! Not the girl from his camp, ME!
So I continued these desperate pleas for his attention for months. It just became who I was. But he always told me how beautiful I was. By then I'd given up hope on him and had tried to give up. I had loved him for eight months and I couldn't stop it. It was my longest and most intense crush. I called it love.
I got a boyfriend that went to my summer camp. His name was *M. I had liked M the previous year when we'd been dating, but it had faded out quickly. I told him "yes" because I wanted to forget my crush at school.
When my crush found out about M, he started asking questions.
"You see him lots?"
"Nope. But I will in the summer"
"You love him lots???"
"You love him?"
In my thoughts I screamed angrily at the green-eyed boy: "NO I LOVE YOU DAMMIT! IT'S BEEN SO LONG, HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE?!?!"
but instead i replied coyly:
"That's personal"

The green-eyed boy and I made up cute nicknames for each other. He was fishy, and I was kitty. I don't really know why these are the nicknames we chose or how we agreed on them but that's what we called each other.
When we were chatting online he used to say, before signing off "I love you kitty, lol" And sometimes in conversation he'd randomly turn to me and blurt out "ILOVEYOU!...what? who said that??" as a joke. I'd laugh, but I thought it was a dreadful tease. Why couldn't he really love me?

I heard he was about to break up with his girlfriend, so I broke up with M. The green-eyed boy and I talked about it and he said that he was not upset. I pretended to be so that he would comfort me. (Yes, I am an attention whore, I'm a theatre major so deal, Lol)

Whenever we parted he'd hug me and do this hand sign:
Point to his eye
Make a heart with his hands
Point to me.
"I love you."

So I motioned back. "I love you too." Making a peace sign for the "Too" part.

All of our friends went to the movies, and he held my hand for a split second, causing some awkwardness for the girl in between us, *A.

The week following the movie trip I had *A ask the green-eyed boy if he liked me or not.

I knew he'd say no, He'd just been joking all of those times... He flirts with everyone... it's just how he is. I mentally prepared myself for rejection.

I met up with A in the hall.
"He said he does! He doesn't want a girlfriend though... But don't tell him he's already mad at me for asking."
I promised I wouldn't.

That night we were chatting online.

like my status?

i love it
so wots up?



how about you

Oh just music streaming


green eyes-by coldplay

so how r u doing

im good

i love yur profile picture


yu look so pretty

Thank you!!


I like you. btw

just saying.



ooh cool profile pic!

i know just made it

thats Rad.

oh and btw
i like you too

that works out doesn't it?


so r u gona say it or do u just wana b friends still?

well i kinda dont want a girl friend right now ,but if i change my mind yull probably be the firt to know.


im realy sry

im not upset

cause i do like you

yes it is really fine. Best Friends is a good thing to be.

The next night he asked me out.
"Will you be my girlfriend"
"Wow...that was easy."

So sometimes, you may think you never have a chance... But you do! Trust me, just hold on.


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