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She stole my love and faith in

Boy meets girl - boy thinks girl is fun - boy thinks girl is not marriage material - boy breaks up with girl - boy feels bad and calls girl back - girl tells him she is arranged to be married to some douche bag that raped her, hits her, does drugs and is an alcoholic - boy falls in love with girl and tries to save her even if it means ruining his own life - boy is ready to steal her away on her wedding day - boy finds out girl made the whole thing up and she is not getting married - boy gets really really mad and wants revenge, but decides she has wasted enough of his time and leaves her alone knowin the truth about the guy she is with is even worse than she has told him - boy is relieved of guilt but has lost faith in love and the ability to trust - boy turns to Allah and finds peace that he has never experienced with any girl or at the bottom of any bottle


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