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It was good while it lasted

I remember meeting a guy in high school, he was the kind of guy who worked his hardest, trying to get the best out of life. I started hanging around him a little bit, as I could do some cool things on a mountain bike, and he was all over things like that. After getting into his group, I started trying to see if he could teach me tricks on a bike and such. He was the sweetest guy ever. After a month of us hanging out I decided to try something, and asked him out. We went out for 3 months, and then we kinda lost contact over the summer. He started working full time and I got a job, and we weren't talking very much. One day he called me and asked if I wanted to go to a practice thing with his dirt biking buddies. It was almost like they were showing off, but they were really just practicing, they were doing all this cool stuff on dirt bikes. Towards the end he went to do this trick to show off to me and he crashed and almost killed himself. He was in the hostpital for a month, then was bed ridden. I was so sad, I cried every night for him. I got back together with him towards December, I was so happy. It was like I was the most important thing in the world again, and he was all healed up, but then he started drinking a little bit, which wasn't like him. It slowly started and it was devastating for me, then towards the a week before Christmas he killed himself. I don't think I could ever date someone again, I can't believe it. He was the nicest guy I ever knew, he always understood about everything, and then he went and shot himself. I couldn't believe it.


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