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Went together for 47 mins and 54 secs

ok i'm 13yrs old. i really like this guy named uh... carter(its his last name) well carter and i hooked up and he kept asking me to cut(have sex) i'm a vigin so i said no well he dumped me we went together for 47mins and 54secs it was a phone conversation he said he dumped me cuz i had nothing to talk about on the phone. i still like him i don't no why but i do. at first we were just on a hi, bye basis cuz we broke up but now he's cuming around. he started giving me hugs and stuff again and when he sees me with a guy he gives me this look like "i thought u was my gurl" so i act distant to the guy i'm with now i like another guy and he likes me but i'm afraid to hook up wit him cuz carter might decide to cum bac but he doesn't cuz i go with someone else


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