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well, i'm only thirteen, still very young i admit. But i do believe that my recent ex, S*, is the best thing that ever happened to me. and the worse.
We started getting close a good few months back, but i was seeing my on/off boyfriend, at the time. Lets just say it ended badly with me having neither of the boys i cared about.
but then, when i started talking to S* again it was exactly like before, i felt like i needed to be with him evey moment, every second we were apart was a second wasted. But he was older. Turning 17. We didnt care about the age difference at first. We felt like we were made for each other, we had so much in common and when we werent together we were texting and IM'ing each other non stop. there wasnt a minute of the day when we were'nt some how comunicating, and thats not an exaggeration. But anyway we started seeing each other. and it was the happiest ive ever been,but it didnt last as long as i'd hoped.
when his friends found out, they teased him, made mean comments and gave him grief. he mentioned this once, but said it didnt matter to him. i felt so guilty and selfish that he was being punished for being with me. but yet i just cared about him too much to let him go.
so anyway, he was ill of school for about a week, and i text him alot and he replied but something was different, i could sense it. i hadnt seen him in over a week and i missed him so much. then one night i was texting him, and he said he had been thinking "about us and that nothing was moving forward..." he "loved me as a friend" but because of the ages it was illegal to do the things we wanted to. and that he couldnt handle the things his friends were saying. I was devestated. but i replied. "okay" and left it at that. i couldnt stand to think about it. i cried for a long time. i missed school that week. After that he rarely even talked to me. I miss him so much it physicaly hurts. its been about 4 weeks since he text me that. i still have the text on my phone. he has probably talked to me twince since then. and i feel forgotten, unimportant, worthless. i hoped that he would be different to the guys i had dated, but he was worse. i had been hurt a hell of alot. but he hurt me the most. even right now, im sitting on MSN, hes signed on. But he's not so much as said hello. ive written several songs, and im dying for him to know how much i loved him. and missed him. and still do. but i'm scared hes goinng to reject me. i guess i had expected him to be considerate... he broke up with me over text...when he knew i how much i loved him...and never spoke to me again. im sitting here hoping he'll talk, not likely


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