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He wants to remain friends, she doesn't

my ex just broke up with me almost a month ago on our one year anniversary. His parents were going through a custody battle and in order to live with his aunt(and date me) in my hometown he would have to go to his moms house thats out of state to sign papers and he was suppossed to return in a matter of weeks. After about 2 weeks i made a flight arrangement to go see him. Then a few days later he told me he decided to move into his moms house and officialy broke up with me that night on our year anniversary. I was devastated. He constantly treated me like crap on the phone and begged me not to come up and see him, "because it wasnt the right time." I decided to anyway only to find out that he had already found a new potential girlfriend. They werent dating but it was very clear they had become very close while he was away. His family adores me and our relationship seemed so perfect. We spent everyday together in the past year but now we dont even talk. My family loved him and thought of him as their own child. He was so respectful to everyone in my family and would occassionally even help my grandparents at their home getting their yard cleaned up and such. I even applied to college near his moms house so we could still try to work things out. When i visited him i met this new girl and she openly told me that she had a crush on him but nothing was going to happen between the two of them until everything was settled. I found a memo note saying she loved him, his new ringtone was her fav song. I didnt know how to take everything, I wanted to slap her right there but thats not my type pf personality. I felt so foolish to think I could change what was going on, and flying up there to see him for him only to break my heart even more and treat me like dirt. I know he still cares about me but he wants to remain friends, but after everything he has put me through I dont think I can.


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