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Wishful Thinking

I wonder if you ever cared at all like you had once said that you did I donít know whether you lied or that you actually meant it when you said you loved me. All I know is that I love you and it took me maybe 2 weeks to say that but when I say that I mean it and you have no idea how hard it took me to say it. And you would think that all the drama that you have put me through I would hate your guts but it just makes me love you more and my conscience is saying Iím a complete idiot and to listen to it. I donít want to because I canít help being in love with you all I can think about are the memories of your kisses, your arms around me, your captivating light blue eyes that got me lost every time I stared into them, and hearing your voice when you whispered you loved me. Breaking up with you was the worst mistake I have ever made in my entire life. I feel like that I have completely given up on youÖ on us. If someone would ask me if I could go back and redo one thing in my life, just one mistake it would be that. But I want you to see why I did or at least know why I did what I did. I havenít heard from you in 2 weeks at the time and honestly I was desperate and when I wrote that message on Myspace and you DID read it but DIDNíT reply I felt ignore on purpose and I thought extreme measures would make you at least respond but my extreme measure did nothing but make me miss you more because now I donít have you anymore and still not even a call to say that you love me and you donít want to lose me. I was hoping you would but because you didnít Iíve been thinking of all things you said to me like you would love me always and forever, that was a lie, you said you would never hurt me, that was a lie, you said you wouldnít lie to me, that was a lie too. I donít know anymore all I know is IĎll love you but my love was never returned. I thinking of sending this to you but every time I do there is still that little bit of hope that you will call me, that you will drive by my house and throw pebbles at my window to get my attention, to knock at my door and beg for forgiveness, but you know what if anyone needs to apologize its me because I wasnít enough for you. I pray that in time we can talk or what I really want is be with you again. I never lied and when I said that I love you and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you or when I said I wanted to live with you in Germany. So Iíve decided that if you really love me that youíll come back and if you donít than thatís your loss just know I'm not waiting for you anymore.


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