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He loves me. He loves me not.

It all started on Myspace with a random add or so I thought. I saw ,lets call him J, and said oh hey i know his brother so why not. Well after I added him we started talking and talking and talking. After of months of talking and never seeing him because he is military he tells me he loves me. I was shocked I knew I loved him I just didn't want to say it because I got hurt before for saying that word and didn't want to get hurt again. But after days of thinking hard about it I told him I loved him which I meant with every bone in my body. Everything was perfect. He would come home on the weekends to see me. I met his mom and little brother and sister. And we even went together to prom and it was the greatest night ever. Everything was perfect. That Sunday he went home and again everything was perfect. Until that Friday.

He called me saying ,"Hey baby i'm pretty drunk and me and a bunch of my battles are going go chill and have some fun. I promise I'll call you in the morning. I love you so much baby."

The next morning no call, nothing I'm worried. I think, hey maybe he's busy. Three days go by nothing I tried calling him texting him- nothing. A week goes by nothing. On the second week I sent him a Myspace message and he read it but didn't reply. Three weeks nothing. After the third week I was pissed because I had no contact with him but yet he could read my message. So i called him again and this time I broke up with him through a voicemail message.

I get a call maybe 2 weeks later from my friend telling me that "J" is at her house drunk of his butt and won't leave. I hang up. Maybe 3 weeks past when i hear about him again and this time I heard he got married. So I called his mom and she confirmed J was married. As soon as I heard this cried and cried. We had only broken up more even 2 months and already married someone else.

True Stroy.


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