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I met this guy in one of my classes last year. Might I add, we're both in high school. He came off as one of those really sweet guys who would never go farther than a simple kiss within the1st month or so of a relationship. In other words, he wasn't one of those guys who automatically wanted to get into my pants. That's why I liked him so much. He began telling me how he can't stand his ex-girlfriend because within the 1st week of their relationship, she already wanted sex. I told him not to worry, I wasn't like that at all. He and I really hit it off and I really thought I found the right person for me.

But one weekend, we were suppose to see a movie and he never showed up. I asked what that was all about and he said,"I heard from one of your friends that you're into drugs and you drink quite a bit. I'm sorry but I'm just not into girls who do that." I had NO idea where he was getting this information from because everyone knows I don't drink or do drugs. Right after we split up, he went BACK TO HIS EX-GIRLFRIEND! He knew he couldn't make up any other reason to dump me because we got along just fine so he basically pulled some false information out and used it against me so he could end our relationship and go back to that skank! Unbelievable.


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