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So my friend introduced me 2 her friend.And we texted every now and then but not often.1 day i broke up with my then bf cuz he wuz a perv.And that same day my guy friend asked me out.At first i told him no cuz that wuz a jerky thing 2 do.But he texted me every day and always told me how much he liked me and how pretty i wuz.And now i feel so stupid 4 falling 4 it.So after a month he asked me out again and i said yes.Now we never actually went on a date we just texted eachother even though we went 2 the same school and everything.So we break up 4 some reason but we keep in touch. So a 2 months later we get back 2gether.Then after 3 weeks we break up and off all contact. So a month and a half later he texts me out of the blue and says he loves me. And im like wtf but then i see its the sweet guy i know.I say i still like him and we go back out again. Things btween us r really good 4 about 6 months then out of the blue he starts 2 ignore me.He ignored me fully 4 over a month! That wuz it we broke up 4 good.


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