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Feeling sorry when I have been

Well, I attended a college alumni outing as a single woman with my girlfriends. I had no intention of looking for a mate. However, this guy moved a large flower from the table for a better view of me while with his girlfriend. They break up and he finds me and receives my phone number. He literally ran me down. I went out with him with no intentions of seeing him again. But, he was so sweet and catered to my every need. I could not resist, and kept seeing him again and again due to many previous hurtful breakups. This new date kept telling me to not punish him because of what some other man had done to me. Finally, we are intimate and I am truly falling for him. Out of the blue, he tells me I can never marry you because you have been married before. This thought had not even crossed my mind. Mind you strong feelings have already developed. He invited me to a family reunion where I met his mother and was interrogated. She tells me that her 35 year old son is a boy and not a man. I didn't know about the mommas boy. I realized now that I should have ran with him and his other siblings still living at home. The mom dictates who they see and has helped to break off their fiances. I find out he is still talking to the ex girlfriend through phone conversations. With a little help, I put an end to this ordeal. The new rule was you choose either her or me. I can bow out gracefully. He quits all contact with her. Our relationship becomes stronger and he made me feel like the only woman in the world. Then, he tells me he loves me which was something he vowed he would not do. Then, their are exotic vacations with lots of wining and dining. Valentines day, I find out the ex girlfriend is getting married. I thought that he knew about it and mentioned it. His face turned red and his countenance changed. He ended up getting physically sick and I told him to go after her if that is what he wants. The next morning, he appears and says I am going to see if I can win her back. He sends a dozen of roses to her job site. He also expressed he only wanted her because she can have children and I cannot. He stated I am every man dream and she can simply give him children and thats all. This boyfriend has never been married and neither does he have children. Unfortunately, I threw a cup at him with our pictures. He text me and said," alright Madea" which is not my name. Things did not work out for him. I still loved him and our bond grew strong again. There was no more mention of another woman or anything. Out of the blue, he says ," we need time apart, so I can do things that I need to do, like build a house and go to a fertility clinic. He kept wanting a baby so bad that now he can't even have a child. He tells me he was going to forget about a baby. He loves me and he will take his chances. If we get back together we will and if not he wishes me the best. But, in the same breath, I do want us to be best friends with benefits. That is have sex whenever he is a willing participant. I love him and it is quite difficult to move on when nothing has really changed. Each night he texts me and each morning and calls me and visits. THere are dinners and lunches. Yet, I am suppose to surpress all of these feelings of hatred and love. Many men have tried to get my attention and all I can do is think of him. I don't know that I can't get over him. When, I do try to get over him I begin to feel sorry for him. Because, I know deep down that controlling mom of his is causing him great sadness. The thing is I will eventually move on and it will be too late when he does wake up and stand up for what he wants.So ladies watch out for the mamas boys still living at home in their thirties. There is a hidden agenda or hang ups. He is still not dating anyone according to his friends or relatives. My ex seems to be in a deep state of depression and sometimes on the weekends I just want to be alone. I am feeling sorry for myself and him at the same time.


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