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light at the end of the tunnel

I can still remember the day he broke up with me. I still think it's funny how he promised me he would NEVER hurt me or leave me, and would love me forever. I still kinda wish I had seen him for what he truly was before I fell in love with him, but I guess he is a good liar. The very next day after he dumped me, he was going out with another girl who was a lot younger than us, and was flirting with countless girls all over the place. It was like he was a different person. I wanted to die, I had worshiped him and he had told me we would always be together. It took a really long time but I eventually started getting better; I started going out with this other guy, but I just couldn't let myself get attached, so I dumped him. For a few long months it was just me, myself and I. I thought I would never feel the way I felt with him again. But then, I started a new job and met tons of new people, one of which was a guy who I thought was totally amazing from the first day I saw him and met him. It seemed like a fairytale; we started liking each other more and more, and he told me that he never wanted me to change who I was because I was so awesome just the way I was. My ex had taught me to believe that just being me wasn't good enough, and here was this completely breathtaking new guy who was telling me that he adored me exactly the way I am. Now we are dating and it is amazing, the way he makes me feel just takes my breath away. So I guess this is kind of a happy ending, but I just wanted to say, to all the girls out there who thought they had found "the One" and then he turns out to be a complete jerk, don't give up hope. There are other fish in the sea, and one of them will be ten times what the ex was. You just gotta hang in there and wait for the one who is worth it.


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