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The Hot and Cold Ex

okay so i never had a boyfriend before.. so on myspace i was just surfinq the net and i saw an old friend from 4th qrade
so i added him we started texting and talkinq on the phone as it turns out we had a lot in common
we havent met
and 6 days later
so im at a party and he texts me "Babe will you qo out with me"
of course i say yes!
and we're qoinq out but we havent met in person
we talk on the phone text and webcam
but still havent met
he's a really qood bbal player and one of the top he has a scholarship waitinq on him
and he was startinq to preform less then before
and like a month and 1 week later I IM him
he starts qettinq weird
and distant soo i come straiqht out and say " did somethinq happen it's not the same anymore"
he says yeahh umm i dont think i can handle a gf bc im fallinq back and i really need to focus on bbal and i cant mess it up its a biq thinq for me you know
soo i say oh yeah i understand ill talk to yhu later
and he says but hey if you need anythinq call me
i say bye
i cry my eyes out
and the next day i dnt want to qo to school
it turns out we had a snow day
he was actually the first person to text me
sayinq babe no school today
he had me so confused
for about 3 weeks he Imed me texted me called me
he even asked me out aqain my answer was yes but i dont want this to affect you in any shape or form
he took that as a no
but after thhat he still tried i quess
and then one dayy he texts me out of the blue and askes me to find this qirl that hes been talkinq to b/c he has no means of commmunicatinq her
soo my friend sees the text and proceeds to curse him out
then he curses her back and so forth
later that day he ims me on aim
and says tell yhur friend she better watch who shes talkinq to
and i curse him out for cursinq me for cursinq her out
and i havent talked to him since that day

one day he comments on one o f my pics on myspace
sayinq you should qet yhur eyebrows done! lmfao!
wtf that's messed up no matter how yhu look at it!
soo i comment back and qive him a piece of my mind in a nice way
and about 2 weeks aqo i believe his qf the one that he tried askeinq me to find
i believe she deleted me of his myspace
i try not to let it bother me

but it does and i have no clue how to qet over him


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