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My beloved boyfriend just broke up with me yesterday. I had just had a relaxing swim with my best friend. I came home, sunburnt and tired, and I decided to watch a movie. About five minutes in, my phone started to ring. I answered, and it was him. I ran to my bedroom, sqeaking with happiness. I hadn't talked to him in a while. I said an opening of hello, and what's up? He said nothing. Then a tint of a strained ping caught his voice. I instantly knew what was going to happen. Then he said, "I've ben thinking..." and I said, "what?" in a small voice, each syllable getting quieter. "This relationship isn't going anywhere, and I'm moving. We should break up." With every muscle in my eye, I jerked back tears. Then I pasted on a fake, happy voice and sputtered, "Um, okay, yeah. Great. Um, er, bye." Then I hung up, so he wouldn't hear my sobs.


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