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here's my st0ry..
i met this guy when i was in my 2nd yr 0f highsch00l and i just transferred..we started as friends..actually not really close friends because we d0nt really talk that much..but i always hang 0ut with his cl0se friends..

the next year..we were classmates..that was the time when we became close..we hang 0ut as friends..we g0 t0 friend's h0use t0gether and drink but he d0esn't...

he c0urted meh and i accepted him as my b0yfriend..
we've been g0ing 0ut n0w f0r alm0st 1 year and 8 m0's..
h0wever, since we started 0ur relati0nship, we d0nt really have sweet times t0gether..we never held each 0ther hands, we never kissed, we never hugged but he had carressed the back 0f my neck..we l0ve each 0ther s0 much

we migrated t0 canada..
we are n0w experiencing the l0ng distance relati0nship..
0ur c0mmunicati0n is s0 weak.
we d0nt text each 0ther 0ften but i call him every m0nth..
i kn0w he's n0t cheating 0n meh c0z he's really a g00d guy..

anyways..i feel like my l0ve f0r him is fading bc0z 0f unclear c0mmunicati0n..s0me0ne c0urted meh thr0ugh internet but i already met him in highsch00l c0z we were sch00lmates.. and i said YES..

i t0ld mah b0yfriend that i am cheating 0n him..he wants me t0 break up with the 0ther guy but i d0nt kn0w h0w..da 0ther guy l0ves meh als0..

what i want t0 kn0w is:
i wanna break up with the second guy c0z i l0ve da 1st guy m0re dan da sec0nd 0ne..but i d0nt want t0 d0 it t0 the 2nd c0z i kn0w im g0nna hurt him..i d0nt want t0 l0se any 0f them..what wud i d0.?..


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