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0hkay..Well me nd this guy had been goin out for like almost 3 months..and well yeah we had broken up ONCE.. nd then one day i had been talking to this guy who was JUST my friend..nd he got Jelous..nd he was getting mad at me so i got mad at him..nd then we were mad at each other nd he was at his friends house (who is also my friend) and these two girls were over there (they are not very good girls) well his friend told his g/f that my boyfriend wasnt doing anything and she told me that cuz i was worried.. well like the next day he told me he wanted to break up b/c he had cheated on ME! i was soo mad!! i yelled nd all this other stuff! ugh it was bad! nd he was telling me he still liked me alot! well i didnt care! i still yelled at him! and to make this part short i went out w/ my guy friend nd it only lasted like a day b/c he was just my friend! well then one night when i had stayed over at my cousins with a whole lotta other ppl..we were talking to my ex..nd i kinda still liked him soo i was gettin my friends to ask him who he liked.. nd he said MY COUSIN!ohh man was i mad!!! he tried to call me nd talk to me bout it nd i just hung up on him! well then i had to leave and they (my cousin and best friend and bunches of other ppl) went to a movie..well turns out my cousin LIKED him! but they barely even knew each other! and well they were aLL over each other! i was soooo mad!! ugh!! nd yeah! well after that. . me nd my cousin nd devin were not getting along AT ALL! it was bad at school they would say stuff like "bob" (aka my ex) is keepin it all in the family..i was mad! it was bad..but in the end i got over him..after goin out w/ him once more..him nd my cousin never went out.. nd now he still likes me alot! if i ever get a bf he ALWAYS would want to fight him..but the thing is.. i WOULD of gone back out w/ him except for the fact that i dont think i could EVER trust him again!! i think about him alot..but in the end i think im happier!! s0o yeah itwill all be okay!!


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