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Broke up thru an intermediate

Well me and this guy meant through who i thought was a friend. She said she was just friends with this guy so i thought it was ok to flirt. i ended up going to homecoming with him and he asked me out. It was great we really clicked. we saw each other every weekend and talked everyday on the phone for hours. one weekend when i was at a football game i saw him and his friends and his friends kept yelling at me to come over. i went over to him and tried to talk to him but he just told me to be quiet. this wasn't unuasally i mean he always would tell me that i just would listen. Then i asked him what was up and he said go ask this other guy. i was like no i want t talk to you but he wouldn't listen so i went to kiss him goodbye because we always did that and he sort of backed away. so i just went off with tears in my eyes. that was on friday. on sunday which happened to be Halloween i called him and was like "What was up with you on friday at the game" he just said to call this guy that was my other ex that he didn't know about.i was like no i want to talk to u and he was like call this guy it will be more funny. so i got angery and was like fine. i hung up and called the other guy. i thought maybe he had said something about us dating so i was like what did u say. he was like nothing why. i was like my b/f said to call u and he was like oh yea that. then he said ^^!*& wants me to break up with u for him. i just hung up. how could he get someone else to do it for him it was just so low and cowardly. i never called him back like i said i was going to and i haven't seen or spoken to him since. although i harbor no hard feelings and i can't say i was honest with him until the end i can't stop wondering if maybe things could have worked out if i had told him about the other guy. one day i'll face him and he'll except me to be sad but i won't i have moved on and had other men come and go but i'll always remember him!


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