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I miss you jane dooley

This is about a woman I dated for about 14 months. JD was the greatest person I have ever met/know in my life. I was going through a bad time in my life when I met JD, she was like an angel that entered my life. I still see our first date together as if it was yesterday, she was the cutest little thing I have seen. We shared so many things in common and had great times together everyday we were together. I never really experienced life until I met JD, she taught me how to love again, taught me how to believe in the goodness of people, taught me really how to have fun. I though I was going to have JD in my life a little while longer. We did and went many places together but what I really miss are the times we would just sit on JD's porch having a glass of wine talking, I miss our car rides together even just going to the store. I would just melt whenever I was with her. I miss just walking by her house with crazy "C" by our sides.

God brought her into my life at my lowest point, why he took her from me I really do not know, but I do not regret 1 sec of time I spent with her, its going to be almost 2 months since we have been together but I cry literally everyday when I think of her, like now. JD was so down to earth and unique, she would look like a million dollars dressed in her blue dress, as pretty as any woman can get, yet she was like the girl next door when lying on the grass barefoot on agday at Rutgers with her hip sunglasses on.

Regardless how miserable I was feeling on any given day based on what I was going through at the time, knowing I would be seeing JD ALWAYS made me happy. One night I was really tired of everything I was going through and was close to just wanting all my pain to be gone, I had everything all planned, just figured I would take the easy way with my problems, JD happened to call at this time, and for whatever reason my problems did not seem as bad, JD I think you might have saved me that night.

Besides her inner beauty, her kindness, her warmth JD was absolutely stunning, she is 5'4" blond, with the prettiest blue eyes God ever gave anyone. JD is smart, sensitive, but also can hold her own against anyone. JD never stays mad at anyone for long.

Anyone that has been a friend, lover, co-worker to JD should consider themselves lucky, nobody gets better than JD.

I truly miss her, and wish I was still with her, I would have done anything for her. JD you will ALWAYS be number one in my book, I will never forget you, you will always remain in my heart regardless where life takes me. JD you will always be my number friend for life

Mr P. - XOXO


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