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Once A Cheater Always A Cheate

Ok so I am going to start off admitting I am a fool!but heres the story I met this guy online he said he was single a navy guy that he was living in a apartment with his best friend(female) well I believed it because at the time I was living in a apartment with my best friend (male) so we met at a party that the chat room was having and she came along and she were attracted to each other and such and she was trying to "hook us up" well I next day I was sitting at home and thinking hmmm if your in the military and living in base housing then you got to be marrried or have kids so I asked him and he admitted that lets say amy was his wife but their relationship was at its wits end and they both agreed they needed to move on she just couldn't afford to get her own place well I told him I didnt want anything to do with that situation but she told me the same story so we just chatted for awhile well I moved on with my life and got with someone else and didnt hear from him for awhile when he poped up one ay and he was still with her and they had 2 kids at this point one with her and one (he cheated on her and had) well same story their relationship was at the end and she cheated on him with his best friend and such and they were getting a divorce so stupid me fell for it this time! I drove half way accrossed the country to meet him n a hotel to spend a couple of hours with him and that was it then continued to talk to him he was getting a divorced and transfering back to where I was living so we talked every day she left and went to live with her family so it was believeable well I waited and waited for awhile for the divorce to take place he kept saying he couldnt afford it I offered to pay for the divorce and he still wouldnt take me up on the offer so one night he is at my house and he was sleeping and he got a text late at night on his cell phone so I figured I would check to see who was texting him so late at night and it was this girl he had the affair with and she said I love you and miss you he got woke up with me throwing the phone at his head and hitting him! soooo he tells me the girl has a boyfriend with the same name an sent the message to the wrong person of course I am stupid but surely not dumb so I ended it well I found out that I was pregnant and told him at this point I had met someone in my life and we were going to get married and we did well it didnt work out too well so then the ex starts sending messages again that he loves me and he regrets everything and cant live without me etc... well he had told me he lived with room mates and such and come to find out he was living with a girl!!!! so here he is begging me back wants me more then anything but still living with this girl lol so basically he is wanting to cheat on her with me again of course I told him no but a part of me make me wanna lead him on and hurt him the way he hurt me think I should?????? moral to the story once a cheater always a cheater!!!!!


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