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i loved him. i still do. id been through my share of heartache before but with him it was a completely new feeling of love, and i knew that this time it was the real thing. i worshiped the ground he walked on and saw nothing but the golden halo shining above his radient head.
i also had a best friend. the best of the best. there through thick and think and i cherished this person above everybody. neither of them i wanted to loose. but i was forced by the love of my life to choose one or the other. and where i was already loosing my best friend thanks to the tormoil i still couldnt make a decision. i didnt want to make a decision. in the end it was made for me and he ended it. indefinatley. i tried my hardest. worked day and night fighting for this love i refused to loose so easily. no good came of it and i was cast aside and forgotten in moments. he moved on. to a girl i knew moderately well, well enough to have confided in about my troubles. not well enough to know that she could be so heartless to then decide to steal the boy whome my heart bled for. no more than five minutes did it last, all her hard work and misery sent my way was in vain. never the less he was still my hero, knight in shining armour and i needed him like the air i breath. occasions there were glimers of hope that kept me hanging on until finally all my admiration turned to despare and swiftly to hate. hate and resentment. fury. as time wore on i learnt more about this boy, this man who i gave my heart to. he lied frequently. he made me feel like scum, guilty and discusting. so low that i couldnt look at myself in the mirror i lost my boyfriend and my best friend just so he could feel some sort of justice in what he had done. the crime i learnt he had commited. his crime was adultery. and although i loved him and continued to love him i could no longer look at him in the eye without invisioning my fists pummeling his soul from his being. i erased every last detail of him from my life and lived each day in yearning pain and misery. missing him though remembering nothing but bad. then one day out of the blue i recieved a text, off his number which i knew off by heart though it was the principal of deleting it. he continued to say he missed me and like a portal i was sucked in. it was out of my control. and though i know i am doing it, i know i am being stupid and i know i am going to regret it i cant turn back on the one thing i love so passionatley. its like im a magnet being attracted against my will. i love him (u)


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