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in love with a man who uses me

(I'm not a native speaker, pls bear with my modest English) - I met him when I was 21 years old. He was a bachelor who had recently got divorced and wasn't completely over his wife. I was a poor college student living in a little studio apartment. I got a degree abroad and I had a good chance of landing a well-paid job. Other than that, there was little special about me. I was a little plump, short but had a very pretty face. He used to come over to my place. We had great sex. I fell in love with him but i don't think he ever liked me. He enjoyed sex with me, but I was obviously not his type. I was miserable and completely depressed because I could sense he had no feelings for me. Although I knew perfectly well he was just using me for sex and I was probably in the bottom of his list, I could not resist him, I was willing to keep seeing him on any terms, his terms - which meant he would continue to sleep with me until he met a girl he liked.
And he did. He came over less and less frequently. I could tell he was seeing somebody. He fell in love with a woman (ironically who has the same name). I suffered so much I cannot describe here. I felt like I was the ugliest and dumbest girl in the world. I lost all my confidence in myself. I broke down and told my mother to call him and tell him to leave me alone.
He got married and had a child. But we continue to sleep together a few times a year. I still cannot meet any men because i still love him and cannot think of anyone else. I know this is completely ridiculous and stupid. This tale would gross out any woman who reads it. I'm still sleeping with a man who will never love me and never treat me right. I'm still miserable because i cannot move on.


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