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I met my ex last July. It was one of those chemistry at first site moments. Since I've been hurt in the past I was cautious and played hard to get. He claimed he had come to terms with the tumultuous relationship he had with the mother of his children and resigned himself that it was over. Ultimately we fell in love. He announced over the phone one day while on a trip that "your the one." I was thrilled.

Everything was going great until February. Usually we would talk on the phone every other night. I became alarmed when a week transpired and I hadn't heard from him. I called him repeatedly only to receive his voice mail. I left messages and he didn't return my calls. Finally, out of desperation, I drove to his apartment. There he confessed that he was still in love with her. I was devestated.

After two days of heart wrenching conversations filled with his pleas of "I made a mistake, I do love you, I was confused", I decided to give him another chance. Big mistake.

Consequently, he broke my heart again due to his unresolved feelings for his ex. Right now I'm in the greiving stage, trying to mend my broken heart. I'm hurt, confused, and angry. My mind is filled with his lies and empty promises. I keep repeating the same questions over and over again; why? how could he do this to me? In hindsight I should've insisted on my demands that he take the time to figure everything out, but he seemed so sincere. Love can be very persuasive.

I have a nagging urge to call him to get answers to the unrelenting questions in my head, but it won't change the circumstances. It's hard letting go. The reality is you can't make someone love you. As hard as it is to accept he's not meant for me. Those are the words he used when he broke up with me. Those words sting.

It's cold and stormy right now. Eventually the sun will shine. I'll step out into the light and will be filled with warmth again.


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