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I met RRR through a roommate of mine. I was living in Europe and I am American so naturally I was drawn to him as a friend because he was also from America. He had three kids and had been married for 8 years to a woman from Europe. He had been cheating on his wife for two years with a horribly ugly European girl. He got sloppy and his wife found out by checking his phone. Neither women knew of the other one. This guy comes across like an all American saint and he blamed everything on the girls. So, he obviously needed a room to stay in after his wife kicked him out. He came to our house. I met the Polish girl. After a huge scene, RRR was rid of her within the week. She bored him now. He took no responsibility for hurting either one of these woman. Then he came on to me like a house a fire and charmed his way into my life. It took some time, but I believed that this man was reformed, wanting to marry me, have kids, etc. The charm lessened as I became nanny to his three kids, maid, cook, mistress. I was literally exhausted. I wondered why he traveled soooooooooooo much for work, but I trusted him, so I never said anything. Then we moved apartments. He left me to unpack everything to go for a job interview. When he came back and was a complete jerk and he had been very verbally absuive for months...telling me everything wrong about me, etc...I asked him if he had been cheating on me. He said yes. Hum, he had had another girlfriend in Lithuania of all places, two months into our 1.5 year relationship. His exwife told me. Then I told her that he had bopped their 17 year old nanny living with them from abroad, a family friend. He left me to pay all the bills and skipped off to be with her. They are now married. I wonder how long it will take him to start doing this to her. His exwife gave it 6 months... What an amazing liar.


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