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I never could say bitch to you

I used to cry when I wrote about you over cyberspace. It's been well over a year now. Earlier on when we met in 2005, one of the first things you said to me was; women are bitches. Had you planned it all along? I will never know. I guess you were using me as a trophy in front of all your girlfriends. Without a doubt, I loved you more than anything in the world. Your mood swings got the better of you, not me. You fell into a routine that was the downfall of our relationship and I knew months in advance that you were not there anymore. I tried to talk to you about us but you never really took anything i said seriously so I called an old friend outside the country to ask for another job for when you finally broke the news. I didn't really want to be in the same country as you after, when it happened. I never hassled you when you worked late. All I wanted was for you to love me as your man. Money has taken over, infected your mind and what you do. You poor girl! "Sorry" is also a word you never could express. I used to worry for you. I hope now someone else can love and cherish you as I did, despite your faults. All I can say is that I see you getting married two, three, four, maybe five times because you fail to understand that you are making mistakes but not learning from them. You can't blame guys all the time! I haven't shed a tear this time writing. I know that I will probably think or be reminded of you for the rest of my days. That's life. Take care of you baby.xx (you bitch!!!) you're in a league of your own!


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