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Lieing to myself

If anyone asks me i tell them we both just moved on. That you made your choice. But im still crying inside. What do i care. If they believe me. If i can convince myself that i dont still love you..i mean how could i? After all you did to me..its like you've dropped off the face of the earth..you made it clear you dont want me in your life. Im not admitting anything. Whenever i feel like your memory is breaking my heart. i just close my eyes and block them out once again. My heart will never forget. I just...wish things had worked out. But i cant be friends with you, when i love you, and you dont love me. Despite everything you did to me...you left me brokenhearted and alone in the pouring rain. You will never know all the tears i cried over you..i loved you. Still the lies fell so easily from your lips. I was head over heels for you J..what was i to you? But we werent meant to be..we just happened. But that dont take away..the pain. You will never know how much i loved you. You will never know all the hell you put me through. You can lie to them..fool them all. But you and i know the truth. You know what you said to me. How you lead me on for a year. I stood by you..stood up for you! For 7 months while you were overseas..i was faithful..when i knew you never were. You were telling them the same lies you were telling me! Then the moment you got back home, you drop me..tell your mom that i made it all up..that cut me like a knife..its sad what you'd do to cover your own ass. One day justice will come and find you..and i'll be right there in your memory..DIDN'T YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVED YOU?!


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