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Mr. Chicago

I awoke with a panic in the middle of the night and you said, "What's wrong?"

I replied, "I'm not sure, I have this strange feeling...are you still attracted to me?"

That was when you told me you were moving out of state in a month. Where you planning on waiting to tell me until the day you left?

I wanted to break it off then, I mean really, how can a long distance relationship work? Instead you talked me into trying out to see how things went.

You came back to visit every other month or so and STAYED WITH ME, in my home, in my bed. One time you stayed for a month, but always left again. Wanting me to come visit and see where you were making a life and figuring out when the semester was over so that I could possibly join you.

"Good Morning Beautiful" was what I received on a daily basis from you, but you would panic if I didn't text you first "Good Morning Baby." (time difference)

Then things were slowly changing when you came to visit in April. You didn't want me to move out there, even though I was planning to go to school anyways. You said that I make your stomach hurt because you worry about me and how sad I have become with you so far away. You said if I moved out there it would be like we were "getting married." (I thought it was to be closer to my boyfriend.) You also said you did not come out to initially break up our relationship.

Then it ended, tearfully I might add, but it ended and you left. The following morning I got the usual text "Good Morning Beautiful" only this time I didn't reply. You even went to the extreme of calling my sister and good friend talking about how worried you were about me.

I talked with you sporatically for 3 weeks thinking that we could be friends. Then I found out about your lie. She picked you up from the airport. She went camping with you & had a wonderful time the weekend you got back from our visit when you told me you were sick. She was sooooo excited about Mr. Chicago while we were still dating.

Yes...I found out about your lie. Does she know you text me "Good Morning Beautiful" after she drove over an hour to pick you up? Does she know you feed her the same lines as you did me? I know why your stomach hurt and it wasn't for me. It was your own guilty conscious.

A lie isn't a lie until somebody finds out...


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