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Single in the City

I had finally comfortably slipped into my old singal routine, my career was going well, I was almost finished with my graduates degree, and finally had come to terms with being alone. I was even enjoying it. Then I met the Engineer..
From the moment we met he was a dream, he wined and dined me, planned sweet romantic weekends together, and would drop anyone or anything to be with me. Not to mention all the emails we sent back and forth every free minute of our workday. It was like a fairytale, we met by happenstance through out jobs, basically over the phone our conversation led to drinks, it was love at first sight.
Life was good we were happy, but apparently he wasn't..
It was a Friday, we woke up early (as most contractors do), we roled out of bed, got ready for our work day kissed goodbye on the promise we would see each other in a few hours. We emailed back and forth all morning, and I left work at 11:30, as I only work a half day on Friday. I continued on to the mall to get a a new outfit for our date on Saturday, and lunch with a girlfriend. Around 5 he called me to see what I was doing, he had to go back to the office and meet a friend for drinks at 8, but ensured me that we would meet up later.

I called him at 9:30 to tell him my friends and I were going to a local martini bar, he didn't answer so I left a voicemail.

I text him at 11:30.. no answer.. I didn't freak out, we hadn't been dating long enough, I just assumed he had one to many to drink and went home and passed out.

Saturday he had planned for us to have lunch at a cafe by the river and then go to the market to get exotic foods, and wine to cook. Romantic and sweet, huh? Except he never called...

Panic mode, I called him several times, but no answer. Monday morning I emailed him, kind of desperatly hoping something had enabled him from calling... no answer.

Later that day I had to call him for a work related matter, I called his office, when he answered he was very proffesionaly and informative about the project at hand, but said nothing about our after hours relationship.

I have talked to him several times, and emailed back and forth.. all work related. I never did get an explanation, and he acts like he doesn't even no me! So much for true love... What a jerk!


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