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Okay, this is a pretty confusing story but im guna tell it as clearly as possible. Exactly one year and two months ago, I met a girl. She had added me on facebook and we started talking casually as friends. She was amazing to say the least but there was a problem, she had a girlfriend. The girlfriend didnt deserve her company at all, she was rude, protective, jealous, controlling, manipulating, lying, cheating, aggressive, unforgiving etc.. Well i tried my best as a friend to take away the first girl's pain. And it turned out to be a sucess. The first girl broke up wit her gf and 2 months later on the 3rd of may, we started going out. I admit now, this was way too soon and we shouldve waited, but we were completely infatuated with eachother. Anyways, everything started off perfectly, first date went nicely, we went out on walks together and had alot of fun. But there were many conversations about her ex gf. This irratated me but i was falling in love so nothing mattered. The first time she hit me was the first date. Before i even asked her out. I had apparently checked out this other chick-which i really hadnt. Things went downhill. She began comparing me to her ex gf and how i wasnt as good as her at certain things. She talked about how they spend time together all the time. She called me by her exes name frequently on accident. May 13th, her bday, i met her ex, (her ex is aka as her best friend). That day i found out she cheated on me. Through out the months everything was more intensified. At this time, I was in 8th grade and she was a freshie in highschool, attending the same school as her ex. All of my friends from the school continually told me that they saw her cheating on me, and i didnt listen. 6 months into the relationship, i found out she had been cheating the whole entire time. I found out from her ex. So her ex and me became friends, little did i know she was a mastermind at twisting peoples minds to get what she wanted. She almost got back with the girl. But i took her back first. Things seemed like they would improve but it was my imagination. She had continued her old ways up until the 8th month. At that point i had emotionally let go and mentally let things go out of control. The 8th month, december 7th, i cheated. Big mistake. But it was the biggest good mistake of my life. She broke up with me on January 2nd. THe day before our anniversary of an x number of months. Well i tried to get her back for 3 or so months. It didnt work. I dont understand why i wanted her back though. she was everything her ex was and worse. She slapped me over and over again. Physically and emotionally. Mentally, she tormented me by calling me by her exes name. She cheated and lied about it. Yet she was my world. Everything revolved around her and I was her rebound. 2 and a half months later, i met the most beautiful girl in the world. No joke. She was amazing in everyway shape and form. She was an angel who took the pain away. She was so easy to get along with, funny, did i mention stunningly beautiful? Honor roll sophmore student, known by everyone, every guys dream girl. Everyone wanted her, She was responsible, independent, she could want someone without needing them, just the dream girl. The first day i met her, we ended up at her house hooking up and a lil bit more. The next day i was arrested. I was suspended for two days and requested for expulsion. I was so stupid to do what i did but i did it. That night i called my ex gf. Told her about the new girl, got her jealous. The next week i ended up asking the new girl out. She declined. The very next day she apoligized and said she wanted to be with me, she was afraid i wasnt over my ex. I assured her the oppisite and she asked me out. Things were great, i managed to get back in school especially for her. We went out for about two weeks when i had first felt love in my heart for her. I told her. She was surprised. The next week she told me that she loved me back. Everything happened so quickly but it was happening so perfectly, until the ex came back up about a month later. See, i told my girl about everything that happened while she wasnt with me, but i left things out, not on purpose, but just out of forgetfullness. I told her my ex had feelings for me still. She was pissed, she confronted the ex and after everything seemed fine. I went to class, but the current and ex had that class together. I come back down to their class after 2nd period and my gf was shaking and her eyes were watering. I was so scared. I didnt know what happened. She handed me a note and told me to read it. It was from my ex to her. My ex lied again. The note said that i talked about my girl sexually all the time and that i lied to her. She said that i stayed afterschool everyday just so that i could take the bus with the ex. She said i tried to finger her. They were all lies. I love my girl so deeply but i admit i did make a mistake. I flirted with the ex, stupidly, carelessly, selfishly, but at the same time, with no intentions of hurting my girl. She was so perfect. No one who reads this will understand. she was 110% perfect.
I lost her. And now i dont know what to do.


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