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Without you

It's taken me this long. Im feeling fine. Planning on keepin it that way. You broke my heart, i could feel the pioson set in when we first kissed. There's nothing inside me that still loves you. We were always meant to say goodbye. You had your chance. Being with him is so different than the way it was you. I finally moved on. Let go of you. I finally found someone who appreciates me and loves me. I found someone who doesnt make me cry. Someone who treats me right and doesnt change his mind every other day. He takes me places you never did. I know you loved me, you just didnt want to settle down but you just couldnt let me go.So you played games with my head and my heart, treated me like your property. Im doing fine without you. Someday someone is going to give you what you deserve. Someday you'll realize that you had a good thing in your life. Im already gone..moved on.


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