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Long story:

10 years ago, 1st day of school (11th grade for me) in art class. He came and sat next to me. I was a little irritated because out of all places he had to sit next to me and I did not want him too. He would start up conversations with me and I thought he was a cool guy friend but I certainly did not think of him as more than a friend. One day he casually asks me out to the movies and I agreed. I was very nervous during the movie and had major butterflies and my stomach growled a lot. He asked me if he can see my hand and I showed it to him and there his hand was open waiting for mine to join his. I put my hand in his and it stayed that way throughout the whole movie. Soon after I fell in love with him so deep and I was so crazy about him and I knew he felt the same. I broke up with him a few months after finding out that he was going out with some other girl which he denied then but later confirmed it was true. We got back together but I moved out of state and we kept in touch for like 2 years as friends and out of the blue he asked me to marry him and I said no because of my doubts. He is Arab I am African American and we had different religious beliefs. That did not matter to him then but it mattered to me.

Fast forward to 7 years later. I was thinking of him and he was not on Myspace so I googled him and found him. I called him and left a message. He called me some time later and told me how much he loved me and missed me. We reconnected and it was like high school all over again only better, or so I thought. He talked as if we had a future together and he even drove down to my state to see me and I had such a great time with him. I sensed a lot of hesitation and doubt from him. It felt liked he held back a lot and I felt so in love and close yet so distant. Somethings he said to me were offensive like my kids are not his and how he is disappointed that I had them and other stuff that would throw me off. He gave me a half compliment saying that my name is the most beautiful name ever but then added except for his mom's and his sister's name, and other odd & questionable remarks.

And long and behold he tells me he had bad news and informed me that his parents arranged a marriage for him and that he will be getting married in a year to a 17 year old girl (10 years younger than he is) and asked me not to leave him. So basically he wanted me to be his mistress while he goes on and marry a stranger assuring me that he loves me more. I told him it was time for us to move on with our lives and that was it. He got angry and asked me to never contact him again.

Considering that he lacked all the important qualities that I want in a man, I can say that this worked out for the best, it just really sucks being heart broken in the worst way. But I made it out good because he is known to be violent and has a bad temper and I wouldn't want to find out how being his wife would be or have his kid. I've seen the movie "Not Without My Daughter", starring Sally Fields and I am well aware of the customs associated with his culture.


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