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When anyone asks, i tell them we both moved on. I pretend im ok with it all. Act like my heart still doesnt love you. Act like i wish things worked out. I still remember the day i fell in love with you.And the day you broke my heart in two, when you said you wanted to be single.When my bestfriend asks if you ever call, i say no..which is the truth. Your memory is breaking my heart. No one knows i cry every now and then. Every morning i secretly wish you'd call. Its like you just disappeared. Leing to myself..but what can i do. I couldnt change your mind. Is it over yet? Me still missing you. I get better every day. If anyone asks..i'll just say we grew apart.If anyone asks i'll just say you just changed your mind. If anyone asks if i still love you..i'll just lie. I want you to know..it doesnt matter what you did to me..my heart will love you forever. I want you to know..i will always wish we were together. As bad as it hurts, i have to let this go. Even though now i know that if i really needed you, fate would never let me lose you. Know that i love you enough, to let you go..i've moved on. Im better off without you, but that doesnt change that how i feel. I love you enough to let you go...to let you go..i'll miss you. We were always meant to say goodbye..i will always..always..care. Im already gone.


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