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If you want to hear about a crazyy story.. get comfy cuz this is a long one. so about a month ago my boyfriend and i were supposedly went on a break. we went out for a month before and with a few exceptional days, everything seemed perfectly fine even up to the day he decided to take a break. we were so happy together until he finally broke it to me. Apparently he still had feeings for this one girl that he had a thing for a few months back and he never really got over her even when we were still together! -_- ook so i could deal with the fact that he still had feelings for her but seriously.. i could not believe that even after so many chances, he never told me up front about it. like i heard about it a week from my friend before everything started to fall apart. but when i asked him about it, he just told me that he was definatly over her. thats y i completely forgot about the idea of every even trying to break up or take a break with him. but after a few weeks all of this happened, we talked about it and it really drove me over the walls when he said that he had lied about him being over her too! i can deal with him liking another girl but truth be told.. i hate lairs. the funny thing is that when he said he wanted to take a break, he really meant it and not in a breaking up sort of way. he really thought that we could take a break until he got over her and then we could go back to the way things were. can u believe it?!.. this guy was always someone i could have waited for because he seriously is like the perfect boyfriend and all. but i cant believe that he thought i could really wait for even the most amazing guy to get over some other girl first. the truth of the matter now is that i guess he realized wat he had is really gone and he had taken advantage of it too because i really did try to be the best girlfriend to him because that was what he deserved. but it seems like hes the kind of guy that wants what he cant have because now hes definatly over that girl and supposly still has feelings for me. too bad its too late for him now. its funny because even though we arent together anymore, hes trying hard to either impress me or try to make me jealous although he might not admit it. as much as this whole thing was alot for me to deal with and trust me it was hard to deal with, i think him thinking of taking a break was the best thing that ever happened to me and maybe him because throughout all of this, it really made me realize alot of things about our relationship. as much how things were like before with him, i dont know if i could go back to him. besides his dick moves, he still seems like the perfect kind of boyfriend. but hes one that nos the moves but doesnt no how to play the game. lol that doesnt make much sence in a way but i guess it sorta does when u look at it from my prospective. so anyways i told him a few days ago that although i dont feel the same way u do now, dont give up hope, if fate really has some reason for us to be together for awhile longer then we'll manage to find ourselves together again but for now its probably best if we stay friends because before we started goin out, we only new each other as friends for about a month or so. so u tell me... do u think it was a good idea to give him hope and if so, put urselves in my shoes.. would u go bac to him?!


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