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Blood Sweat And Tears

I met my first ex back in September 2008. He was an ex boyfriend of my friend and together they had a son. We talked for some time and eventually hooked up in October. He told me it was gonna be hard having me as a girlfriend because his ex was taking him to court over there son. No matter what I stood by him. A month later on my 21st birthday he called me to tell me he wanted a break up because he had so much on his plate and not ready for a girlfriend. So then soon after I met another guy. This guy was an ex of my friend as well. He had a daughter from a previous relationship. I never met her though. He asked me out in December. From the start he was very jealous and called me clingy if I kissed him in public or hugged him. So in January 2009 he My Space message me and broke up with me because of something stupid that he did. It wasn't until that February my first ex started coming around. Emailing me and chewing my butt off for not keeping in contact with him. And right now it's April and I'm in a happy relationship with my current boyfriend. Just this past week my 1st ex messaged me demanding why I don't email him and started drama with me about his ex to the point he made me cry. I told my boyfriend now and he's gonna make sure my exes don't hurt me. I'm so glad their my exes. I have no flipping clue what I was thinking when I went out with them. My advise. Don't take guys with kids!!! It may work for some people and some it won't. Like me. It didn't work for me.


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