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He was a good liar!

Right where do i even start. Me and him were always m8s in school we used 2 hang around together and i always had a crush on him. we didnt get together until we was 18 (im 20 now) it was so great for the first yr and i fell in love hard with him he said he loved me and everything was perfect. I got pregnant, i had an abortion the day of the abortion he came with me and then dropped me home and run to the pub didnt even ring to see ow i was feeling and i really needed him there thats when our relationship started to crack! Then he started talking to loadsa girls on facebook i gt jealous ended it we gt bk 2gever after 2 months and then i had a miscarraige without realising and it hurt me and he come round that nite took some money and went pub didnt even kiss me! and he used 2 "borrow" money every week last week i found out he was cheating and ive deleted him out of my life and ive never felt more free!!!!!!!! i fort id be a mess without him my life seems pretty exciting now yh sure i do and will have my bad days but wow have i got so much ahead of me!!!!


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