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Kiss unlocks a million doors in the back of my head

The Ex:
The day i broke up with my ex was a terrible day, i coudldn't sleep, or eat. It was bad. But i broke up with him. It was my mistake to do that but i stuck with it. We hung out every time to time until one day he came to my house uninvited. I didnt know, but i still let him in,he became a Romeo saying he loved me and wanted to get together, but i stayed strong and said ,"no". It hurt like hell to deny him again. His kiss sparked the memory of him that i locked behind a million doors in the back of my head. All of them unlocked.We kissed passionatly and rolled around each other. It felt great, but i still said "no" i didnt date him again. Until his new girlfriend came up to me. She said she wanted his kids and wanted to get married with him forever. I got freaked. He slept with her! twice! And he had the nerve to say so! She tried to have his kids and i lost it! I saw him and i knew i had to tell him, he was shocked. But he is still with her to this day, its weird and crazy because they dated no longer than a week to sleep with her and they've only been dating for about 8 days! i spent 4 1/2 months of my life with him and i didnt touch the man. His kiss is stained on my lips. His hug still wrapped my body. I loved him, i really did. but everyday i see that man its like he comes back just to pick on me. He strikes back with comments about how he kisses her. I still see him, every morning, noon, and online. I'm forever tortured by him. I see his cocky smile and his preppy girlfriend wrapped around his arm. I have no feelings for the man. And i never will. I wont tell him how bad i hurt at night sometimes. Or how when i see him my heart flutters as if we never split up.
I loved him, i still do, but i can't stand looking at him. My eyes tear over. My heart aches with just one look at him. My heart will never feel the same because of what i did. I apologize to my ex, if you ever read this. I really didnt mean to hurt you. I ended hurting myself in the long run. But i am the Ex to him. Just like he is to me. We loved each other very deeply. I cant imagine how many people feel this way because of one stupid mistake, but go on, as i will in time. Soon, my Ex will come back for me. But i'll deny him just like he did to me. And that is my sad tale of the ex.


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