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Okie so let's start of the story with introducing myself to get the feel for this. I'm not trying to be arrogant but I'm the person who has good grades, knows what I want in life, great friends, gets along with everyone, into everything, I'm an only child, my aunt is a famous actress, my parents have connecting with everyone, my goal is to be an actress, I'm extremlyy attractive. But although that sounds concieted, I'm really not! I'm down to earth and I'm nice to everyone help everyone and that's kinda a problem of mine too. I thought u should know this to better get the feel of this story.

So one day I meet this loser, let's call him X through a friend. He's one of my relee close friend's friend. Her and his family are like tight apprently. So he messages me on facebook and I'm like "oh heyy..". He's not attractive att all like almost Ew no.. So I just polietly answer and stuff but I do it in a way to show him I'm not relee interested in him. He ends up thinking I'm boring and vice- versa. He still keeps talking to me and we still chat. So even though he's not the slight bit attractive and he talks like a girl online with all the dramatic expressiveness.. I've never seen guys do that... So eventually I meet him at this game when I go with my friends and we talk and we grow to really like eachother. His friends and girl's that are his friends make him seem pretty cool and I was relee interested. He told me he had 2 other girlfriends before me and kept talking about them which bugged me.
So you'd think he'd have had his first kiss right? No..
Unfortunately he was my first boyfriend/ relationship. I was 15..
So that explained my stupidity for doing what I did. My excuse then wasthat I was in "love". Yea right.
I was always sheltered my life so things were great I didnt really read much into a boyfriend so I just thought if it happenes it will..
So right after we have our first kiss he tell me that he is a good Christian and can't lie.. so he tells me that I was his first kiss..
My first reaction was a mixture of amusement/ anger/ pity
He told me before that he had 2 gfs and done stuff with 4 people.. yea right.
he went so far as to even tell me a lie about making out with handcuffs.
apprently all his relationships were online or as he puts it.. "long distance"
can u imagine this loser?
Okie so what do I do? I forgive him because its the right thing to do because I "love" him. It does bother me.
Since then he becomes and turns out to be more of a loser/ Jerk
He constantly says how beautiful I am and being naive enought I trust all his sweettalks an false promises because I love the attention. I mean it was my first after all. The guy was crazy about me. Seriously. His gal friends loves me his guy friends thoght I was soo hot. I guess these people were accoustmed to people other than inside there lil box. Did I mean took these people all belonged to this chrch group nation wide and all the girls are all the same and all anoying. There either fakely (sickingly) trying to be nice or just plain sluts. All the guys don't know what pretty girl means.. pathetic. So his real loser/jerk nature comes out now.. none of his "relationships" later more than 5 months off and on..
Ours did for 14 months.. He broke up with me 10 times! 10 freaking times!
I was such a mess each time. Wouldn't eat, couldn't sleep. Ugh pathetic. He put me through hell and back. I stuck with him and was always there for him, believed in him no matter what when he didnt even deserve it! No offence but I'm out of his league in so many ways and he admits it and says it all the times too but I'm stupid to have put up with all that! His reasons are because he gets cranky, admits that he gets easily bored, arrogant. For what u may ask? God knows. He cheated on me for a month. Huge flirt always gets shit bout that from people. People expected him to get a girl pregnant before he hits 18 but that's cause he puts on a show and is a poser but we all know he has no balls... Hes arrogant cause he think's he can try any girl but his history proves otherwise.. His father was once a minister at church. X keep preaching to people about Jesus. Okie cool but he does it to an annoying point at times and makes himself seem like he's better than everyone and he has the answers to life.. Next confucious (idk if I spelled that right) of the 21
century.. Oh and the last time checked, getting Saved (accepting Jesus as ur savior and being a better christian) is supposed to be this big ephiphany in ur life. Not somthing u have every other month. That's called being a hypocrite. He still does all this stupid shit and preaches. One thing about it is I never knew what being saved many till I met him. I did learn how to be a better Christian because of him though. Each times he gets saved he says he can't date. He can't ever make up his mind. He cheats on me for a month. People tell him I was really good for him because i was always so real with him. I forgave sure, but I believed in him so much and made him realize so much and he really appreciated me for it and said I was diff in so many ways and he truely loved me which I believe he really did. But he had a lousy way of showing I'd and never treated me right. I ran into the girl he cheated on me with after X and I broke up recently and she said one interesting things such as he said he was using me.. After all the pain, hurt and drama, he always promises to change but can stay committed. He says Believe it or not I really love u so much. U make me the best person I can be and not just for me but for u and be ur man in the end. I love u so much and all.. I can't believe I fell for his sweet talk crap. I've been acting distant for a week a month later because my mom didnt approve of him for me although she was always so nice and my friends hated him although his loved me.. so I was taking a breather and told him about my situation. And he says "ur the most amazing girl of my dreams, I trust u with my life, u always stick up for me and never give up on me. I love u with all my heart and I know u wouldn't do this if it wasn't nessarry so even if u want to take a break I don't mind. So u can take ur time I'll always be here for u whenever ur worth the wait". He also tells me all the time that im his first real love. So 2 weeks later, he comes up with the most absurd sh*t ever! He says I'm perfect but he doesnt love me anymore. He now likes this 4 feet something girl who is not at all atractive n prolly just a bum like him from his church. I'm sure she's nice but seriously?! Apprently he liked her for 2 years but after he met me he was blown away but now he got bored again. I cried and tried to keep cool and asked for another chance because I have been acting distant ( I was so dumb to even ask ugh). He says I'm being annoying and that I had my chance already and I failed according. I took his sorry ass back 10 times! I say atleast I was ur first love right? And he goes how can u be my first love if I never loved you? Wow! Can u believe him? He says he now realizes what he had for me was a deep effection (along with apreciation, care, and liked everything about me then). But appreny not love...(that hurt me so bad) Because now its gone... I say just because u don't feel like it anymore doesnt mean its not love or never was... He says eh maybe...
Oh and by the way the girl he likes now didn't like him but because he's cocky and full of himself he think he can get her anyway and he does in 2 weeks! It took us 6 months to fully truely say I love you and mean it because we wanted to be sooo sure. They said it the day they went out! Oh and when he first told me he loved me he was in the middle of a break up with me which confused the heck out of me and left me hurt... And u know what he says to me after we break up the next day he talks to me about her and says he skrewed up on our relationship so he wants to make hers perfect and that thanks to me I changed. I was pissed why would he tell me that and say thanks but with someone else?! He's like whatttt? ugh... He says I'm one of his best friends but not the bestest but one of them and we should be friends.. I try even though it hurts me because beforehed always say I can never be friends with u because I can't ever see u as just a friends and now he used to get pissed and stuff so I got mad and blocked him from everything. I don't want a guy like that even as a friend in my life... I find of from people that he laughed when I did that! He doesnt care at all even if he says he does! He didn't care how I was doing and he is always selfish! I can't Believe someone I thought I knew would change like that! But I guess are whole relationship was a lie so I can't expect anything better... He told me we could still makeout till he gets a girlfriend.. What the heck?! Can u believe this guy? Using me like that! Than he turns the tables on me and says he said that cause I won't feel bad and that I like hope.. but he's like I don't think I'll ever come back... he says if he does end up with me he will be lucky cause I'm awsome apprently but he's faking. He doest care what so ever and wasn't evn the least bit sympathetic for my situation. We havent spoken for 2 months now.. he doesnt even think of me or care he's just with his new girl and doesnt think twice... I don't know how to say it in a better way or show u but he is one of the most manipulative men out there! The way he talks and I was stupid enough to fall for it because I thought he as sincere... But whatever this was my first and I learned a huge lesson! I don't know what's worse the fact that a guy that didn't even deserve me dumped when I gave so much.. It pissed me off so much! Who the heck dos he think he is to play me like that?! Absolutly horrible guy out there! I feel like I needtherepy because it was wrong on so many levels and it pissed me off that a guy as big of a loser as that and I let him play me! He fails at school and his life goal is to be rich but he doesnt like going into college if he can get in and he says he wants to do this Quixtar business but its a pyramid business be its not easy and with the commitment he has it won't last.. So as mean as this sounds... I can't wait to see the day where all the shit he did to me and his past girl's who had to put up with him blows up in his face. As for me I will get to my dreams and I will always be angry at this but I will forgive him eventually.


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