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Picking up the pieces.

I've been given out chances and all you ever did was let me down. This is to you JM. For leing to me, cheating on me, putting me down, then turning around and swearing im the only one. This it to you JM, for being the first to break my heart.Does it make you feel good, to know all the scars you've left on my heart? Did you feel more like a man when you made me cry?! You were never there.You never cared.I gave you love.All you gave me was pretend. I was head over heels till you threw away us. All the tears..all the pain..all over you. All my sleepless nights, you were never there to hold me, even when you could of been. All the burning rage thats been tearing through my heart, killing my slowly, i was falling apart. But now im finally done with you. Im not wasting anymore of my time or effort. You know what they say..you never know what you got till its gone. All this time i've spent, watching our love fade. Did you get joy from knowing that you caused me so much pain. I finally threw away the last picture i had of us..now im done. No more..lieing to myself.No more; 2nd chances. You've had a million. No more..letting you build me with words.Then breaking me down, and twisting the truth. You twisted my heart till something snapped inside. Lieing to myself; when its clear your not the one. Im not wasting no more time.I would stitch my heart back together and you would rip them open all over again.Theres nothing left for me to leave behind. You broke me down. I stuck around tryin to change you,make you into someone you would never be. But its gonna be alright, im picking up the pieces, finally letting go of you, and moving on with my life. Sorry you couldnt be a better man. Im finally done.


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