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I was so stupid

In April 2008, my sister RJ, her boyfriend P and one of her friends B all went out one night to different pubs. P was at an ATM and he heard a man say something about RJ and started a fight with the guy. P got a concussion and a split eye. When they all got home B explained to me what had happened. RJ was trying to keep P awake but he wouldn't listen to her or talk to her. RJ came out into the lounge room crying. I gave her a hug. B was in RJ and P's room trying to get P to talk to RJ. When he finally agreed to talk to her, RJ went into her room and I started crying. B put his arm around me and told me to be strong for my sister. He gave me a hug and the next thing I know, he's kissing me. Being my first kiss I thought it meant he liked me or something. He wouldn't let go of my hand either. He tried to slip his hand up my shirt but I didn't want to go that far. Looking back now I wish I had never kissed B, because 2 weeks after that night he, RJ, P and one of Rhiannon's girlfriends JK went out to different pubs again. I was in bed asleep when they got home so I didn't know all of what happened. But I found the next morning that B and JK slept together. When I saw B smiling like he was proud I could literally feel my heart shatter, like glass, into a thousand pieces. I have never been hurt so much in my whole life. I never did let B know how much he hurt me and I never will. RJ, P and my mum know how upset I was at the time. RJ wanted to kick the crap out of Beau.
The good news is I've moved on from B. The man I'm with now would never hurt me like that. I have a feeling we'll together for a very long time


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