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Truly scared!

Jesus Christ! The one thing I believe in, TRUTH, has failed. I am a 38 year old woman who dated a 41 year old for approx 6 months. We were friends before then and I broke my golden rule..."never date friends". You couldn't meet two people who had more in common yet completely different intimate styles across the board. Low and behold, the red flags came out and I truthfully gave him every reason why this was not working and broke i off. I wanted to remain friends because that's how we started and felt it was better that way. Pppfft! The person did a complete 180 and was in denial. Even after explaining how the bedroom wasn't cuttin it, the attitude wasn't cuttin it, his vanity, his lack of respect for others. I tell you, a girls dream come true. This guy never let me open a door, never let me pump my own gas, paid for everything under the sun, moon, and stars. Right, the PERFECT GENT. Complete respect for me, but others....no! Anyway, I called it off and it's now a month later and I'm enjoying my friends and it's still lurking about when we go out dancing etc etc. Just saw it on Sunday. He walked into the bar with no one(no friends in tow), stared at us, did an about face and walked out. That isn't the first incident either. I find myself clinging with a death grip to my male friends for protection because I am truly scared. It's not a stable personality in any sense of the word and since we had the same mutual friends before they all now see what is happening and are just as worried as I am. Who would have thought being honest and compassionate about a break up would land me here! What a joke. You never really know anyone.


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