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Im young, but i felt i had found the boy i loved. he was everything. we texted non-stop. hed say things like i will love you forever, i miss you, he called me baby and babe. he always made plans for the future. he called me every night and we talked for hours i felt soo warm and happy in his arms. but then he became over bearing and i told him i needed space. big mistake. i missed hims oo much. i cried for days. he had a new girlfriend and i was so lost without him. one day i sent him a message spilling my heart out. he replied saying he still loved me too. i was so happy. and he went out with the new girl for a week or two but we still talked. then he dumped her and gave me so much love it was like we were dating again. i felt happy truly happy again. we spent like 3 weeks texting and loving, then he hooked up with a girl. and i got a text saying he didnt love me anymore. and just like that he was done. he ripped my heart out. i tried so hard not to text him. then i found out he had been texting his ex the same things he was telling me. he was planning days to hoook up with her. he played us. we had no idea that he still talked to eachother. its only been a few days since i cut him out of my life and its been really hard. he was everything. now he is gone. it is going to be really hard the next few weeks, i hope i can heal and love again.


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