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Ok so yesterday my "boyfriend" broke up with me.. we have been dating sept 08 to, well now april 09.. he asked me to be his girl march 22. so we haven't even made it to a month. he is older thn me by 9 yrs. when he moved to his place I went over with my laptop he wanted to use it so i left it there. when i got my laptop back (a mission to do) the first thing that popped up was AIM a female screen name. very obvious. so i checked to see who else has been using it, found another female S/N.
So i havent reall talked to him all week cause he was "working" and when he did call me i was fine. i didn't reall care that other females have been on MY laptop.. so i asked him soo females have been using my laptop,he says so? and i said: well how is tht u have noo time to see me but u have time to see other females and at your place too.? he gets mad and says u ain't my mother or the police asking questions blah blah.. seriously he got all defensive and mad because i asked him 1 thing haha and i asked him nicely not like i was interogating him.. so he says i can see we not gonna make it. keeps repeating that.. i dont need this blah blah bye... calls me back 2 mins later says ill bring u ur heater back. i say nah its all good i dont need it. He says: i dont need it either summers here its just taking up space.. i say fin than bring it to me another day he says ok thn says its over between us, i say ifu say so he says i know so i say ok. goodbye. it doesn't evn bother me cause i never even felt like me and him were together since we have been together he never took me out. he hardly acted like a boyfriend..its just stupid why he broke up with me i think its for the better. why be with someone who's never there for you and acts immature =) sigh* writing this out makes me feel alooot better! someone better will comes along <3


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